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Hundreds of online retailers, direct selling and e-commerce companies trust Npfulfilment to pick, pack and ship their orders every day.

The Leading providers of order fulfilment in Australia and New Zealand now in India
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Postage & Freight

Guaranteed cheaper than carrier published rates. Guaranteed to save
you money

Integrate Your Shopping
Cart As Easy As 1-2-3

We are directly integrated with the leading shopping carts. Or use our API's to pull orders and feed data back - real time

Our 100% Commitment

All our services are backed by a 100% money back guarantee. We don't make mistakes.

We’re dedicated to offering the fastest and most accurate services for entrepreneurs and retailers of all sizes, from small independent producers to large chain stores.
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Shipping more than
2 Million Products per year
We work with companies like yours to save you massive amounts of money, increases your profits and allow you to intensify your focus on your core business. We've already helped save millions of dollars for some of Australia's foremost household names, and chances are, we can make a dramatic difference to your organisation too. It's all about providing a service that reinforces the quality and integrity you stand for - no compromises.
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We guarantee that your orders are shipped the same day we receive it.
We're dedicated to offering the fastest and most accurate services
Robert Hardy

Managing Director

Direct Holdings Australia


Robert Hardy

Procurement and Logistics Manage
Australian Consolidated Press,
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